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Back From Outward Bound November 20, 2006

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Yes, I’m back… and yes, I’m still alive 😀

After a delicious dinner (hot pot!) and 9 hours of good sleep, I’ve completely recovered and am feeling quite well.

I haven’t participated in any of the Outward Bound courses, and to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be as difficult and challenging as it was.  Sure, I knew that there was plenty of hiking and camping to do… but climbing on a mountain as high as Mt. Everest with a back pack that weighed a ton on my back!?  Also, our group got lost in a forest and spent 4 hours trying to get out… that was one horrible experience that I don’t want to go through again.

But this is what the Outward Bound is all about: pushing you to your very limit and make you realize that you’re much more capable than you think you are.  And I did have fun with my group mates during the past 4 days… good times, gooooooooood times…

Oh and about my birthday… as I’ve mentioned before, I was kind of depressed that I had to have my birthday during the course, but it turned out to be quite good actually.  We arrived at the campsite really late and our instructor (Anthony)said that we should wait till 12:00 a.m. to celebrate my birthday!  It was a quiet night and the sky was gorgeous… Anthony even put a candle on top of several slices of bread and offered them to me as a birthday cake!  Thank you Anthony!  Everyone held up their glasses of wine (bottles of grape juice) and wished me a happy birthday.  It was a very unique and special experience and it meant a lot to me… thanks guys! 😀

So, to sum up, even though the OB was a huge challenge for me, I’ve gained a lot and it had a lot of impact on me… and I’m just glad that I made through the whole thing alive 🙂


Items lost:

Eye-glasses retaining strap

A pair of glasses (lost when I jumped into the sea… I’m such an idiot 😦 )


Blogging live in Taipei (3) August 10, 2006

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Today we went to Taipei 101. The Page One book store there was amazing!  It was three times bigger than the ones in Hong Kong.  But nothing beats the another Cheng Pin book store (誠品) that we went to today.  It was GIGANTIC!  And it sold loads of other stuff too, like CDs, stationary and even iPods!  Later, we went to the Shi Lin market.  We saw lots of local food there but ate none.  I don’t want to have a stomachache before I went back to Hong Kong.

Well, that’s all we’ve done today.  Tomorrow we’ll be on our way back, and I’ll post an entry talking more about this trip, with lots of photos, of course.

Until I get back, see ya!

Blogging live in Taipei (2) August 9, 2006

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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT’S LEFT A COMMENT.  I thought moving to a new website will be confusing you guys and stop all the comments from coming… but I was wrong!  Thank you SO MUCH for all your support!


OK, back to my trip.  I don’t know if you guys know, but the weather in Taipei is surprisingly good!  My family and I went to Jiu Fen and had loads of fun!  I took lots of nice pictures and I’ll be sure to post them all up later.  We strolled around and had some snacks and tea, it was very enjoyable!

After dinner, we went to the Cheng Pin Book store( 誠品)which is open for the whole day.  I bought a book about web design and I’ll certainly apply some of the ideas in the book onto this website!

Well, I’m very tired now, so I guess I’ll go back up into my hotel room and rest.  See you here tomorrow!

P.S. To Clara: the words are too small?  That’s weird, they look fine to me on the computer of the hotel… I guess I can’t fix it, sorry!

Blogging live in Taipei August 8, 2006

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Hey guys, guess what?  I’m in Taipei as I’m writing this post!  If you haven’t read my last post, then I’d just like you know that from now on, leave all your comments on THIS website, OK?

As for trip goes, things are looking grim, literally!  If you’ve watched the weather report, there are two typhoons heading towards Taiwan and it has been raining all day here!  So I guess my family and I can’t go anywhere in the next few days…

Anyway, I’ll probably post a new entry tomorrow, so be sure to check out and comment.

Until then, see you!