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The shOw episode 13 April 3, 2007

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New episode of the shOw.  I know you’re excited (lol), but before we get to that, let’s sit still for a couple of minutes and appreciate the beauty of the new Easter banner, shall we?

Alright, back to the shOw, got a lot of great stuff for you all.  I know I say that everytime, but I’m serious this time.  Really great stuff.  Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, a new song.  And guess where’re the lyrics from?  出師表  Surprised, huh?  I’m not gonna say anything more, just have a listen.  I know you’ll enjoy it 🙂  At least, I hope so…



The shOw episode 12 February 9, 2007

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Surprise!  It’s the 12th edition of the shOw!

Got a lot of interesting stuff for you guys to listen to this week… listen to find out!


P.S. I actually recorded the show a few days ago… but decided to re-record it again today.  But then the computer crashed and I had to re-re-record it again!  So basically, I’ve recorded this episode 3 times… so leave a comment to make me feel better, will ya?


Excerpt from the lyrics of the pop(?) version of O Sole Mio     by the terrible Jonathan Mak

“chebellacosanarianataesole… uh huh, uh huh” x2

The shOw episode 11 December 8, 2006

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Episode 11 is here!  Enjoy!




A couple of site announcements:

New layout and banner!

Banners” section added!

Brand new “About” section!

New segment: 麥sir語錄

The shOw episode 10 December 1, 2006

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 After a long delay… I was finally able to put a show out!  Yay!

Listen to me reading “Follow in Silence”, a poem written by me!

(Text version available below… but please listen to it first! 🙂 )


Follow in Silence          by Jonathan Mak

Her arms and legs follow the rhythm of the music

His arms and legs follow the beating of her heart

He watches them dance

Him and her

Following the rhythm of the music

Oh the gut-wrenching pain!  The inexplicable agony!

Smiling outside

Weeping inside

He moves his arms and legs, and



Following the beating of her heart

The shOw episode 9 November 10, 2006

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Got the file up on the server now!  Music player added back in.

Grrrgh… I’m having trouble uploading the newest episode of the shOw onto the server… again!

Fortunately, Xanga’s server isn’t down this time, and I managed to upload the file over there.

This week I talk about what I think of the Outward Bound arrangements.

(Leave a comment as a birthday present to me! 😀 )


Here’s the file:


The shOw episode 8 November 3, 2006

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I have a sore throat… but that won’t stop me from doing a show! Got a new baby sound clip for you guys… enjoy!


The shOw episode 7 October 28, 2006

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OK, this is just bloody ridiculous… as I’ve told you in my last entry, I wasn’t able to upload my files anywhere.  Now it’s the day after, and I’m still having trouble uploading!  So I have no choice but to upload the files onto Xanga’s server…

Here’s the link to that page:


The shOwnotes:

  • The shOw theme song is now avalable as a ringtone!

       share your files at box.net

Just you wait! October 27, 2006

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This is just great: I spent about an hour recording and perfecting the newest episode of the shOw… and I’m now having trouble uploading the files onto the internet.  The server is very busy and my files are still being processed… 😦

Then I tried uploading the files onto the Xanga server, but these words popped up as well:

“Server is too busy”

So basically, I’ll have to try again later and episode 7 of the shOw won’t be available until tomorrow.  Until then, feel free to explore this site (and comment!)!

The shOw episode 6 October 20, 2006

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A theme song for the shOw!  And it’s based on the opening theme of 高朋滿座!  How cool’s that!?


If the audio player does not work, click on the link below to listen in a seperate page.  That should fix the problem.



Da da di la da di la da la

Di la di la di la



Hee Hee Ha Ha 亂噏兼格講三講四





其實係D聽眾 bad taste (just kidding)

Da da di la da di la da la

Di la di la di la da la

cough cough

The shOw episode 5 October 6, 2006

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It’s the shOw!  Episode 5!  Without one single baby sound clip…

Hear my thoughts on a common “phenomenon” in Hong Kong… one that drives me CRAZY!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

Recorded on: 6/10

Length: 2:02