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originoToons 28/4/07 April 28, 2007

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Heeey kids! It’s the originoToons! Surprise!

Enjoy 🙂


簫&笛 April 14, 2007

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You know I play笛子(Di lol), right?  While I may not be the most skilled player in the world, I’m crazy about it.  Di is my love, my life, my soul, comparable to Mrs. Fields’ cookies 😀

Anyway, here’s another instrument that I’m gonna get addicted to: 簫

It’s huge.  It’s long.  It’s cool to look at.  And the sound it produces is sooo amazing!

It’s pretty hard to play, though.  So I’m afraid I can’t put up clips of me playing it… yet.

Here’re some really nice photos:

The shOw episode 13 April 3, 2007

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New episode of the shOw.  I know you’re excited (lol), but before we get to that, let’s sit still for a couple of minutes and appreciate the beauty of the new Easter banner, shall we?

Alright, back to the shOw, got a lot of great stuff for you all.  I know I say that everytime, but I’m serious this time.  Really great stuff.  Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, a new song.  And guess where’re the lyrics from?  出師表  Surprised, huh?  I’m not gonna say anything more, just have a listen.  I know you’ll enjoy it 🙂  At least, I hope so…