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3 Ways to Kill a Graphic Designer March 19, 2007

Posted by origino in Funny, Photos.

There are many cumbersome ways to kill a graphic designer:

you can pick up the computer

that contains all his files and smash his head with it.  To do this

properly you require his address, the key to his house and a Mac.


 Dispensing with nobility, you may,

hack into his online portfolio, delete all his work

and replace them with nude pictures.  Then watch as

his career crumbles into pieces.

 For this you need the Ultimate Guidebook for Hackers

and a huge porn database.


These are, as I began, cumbersome ways

to kill a graphic designer.  Simpler, direct, and much more neat

is to give him a crappy laptop, a 54k modem,

and a 60cm x 60cm graphic to work on.


John, the last stanza is for you 🙂

P.S. This is a parody of the poem 5 Ways to Kill a Man by Edwin Brock.  And for those of you that didn’t understand it, maybe the following two pictures will clear things up:

 John’s great design (no sarcasm intended):

My not-so-great work (very much resized)for my first ever client:



1. johnnnnnnnn =] - March 19, 2007

well i must admit that you did help me LOTS
og GOD! i really have NO idea about all these high-tech thing
i am those back-to-basic kind of people
so..probably i will be eliminated by society soon.
that’s sad but i know that is SOOOO going to happen. darn.

to prosper your career as a visualizer
i strongly recommend you to better equip yourself
namely a faster modem. *blink blink*


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