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The shOw episode 12 February 9, 2007

Posted by origino in The shOw.

Surprise!  It’s the 12th edition of the shOw!

Got a lot of interesting stuff for you guys to listen to this week… listen to find out!


P.S. I actually recorded the show a few days ago… but decided to re-record it again today.  But then the computer crashed and I had to re-re-record it again!  So basically, I’ve recorded this episode 3 times… so leave a comment to make me feel better, will ya?


Excerpt from the lyrics of the pop(?) version of O Sole Mio     by the terrible Jonathan Mak

“chebellacosanarianataesole… uh huh, uh huh” x2



1. clara - February 9, 2007

ho ging ah nei !!
And that O sole Mio seems like Thai more than Italian XD

2. johnnnnnnnn =] - February 15, 2007

O Sole Mio makes me laugh.
the MALAN part…sounds like “Chinese Mountain Song” lol
and i like the uh huh uh huh =]]
but WHAT IS THAT IN THE END?!!? pretty scary. *O*

johnnnnnn =]

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