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企、講、揸、切、扯。 January 25, 2007

Posted by origino in Funny, Photos, School.

哈~ 今日個中文時事短講真係唔錯,大家反應好好,討論亦相當成功…多謝多謝! 🙂


(In case 你唔知,幅相係suppose同互聯網有關既)

總而言之,今日真係幾開心…而講到「開心」,就不得不提Bio 😀

個豬心真係好正,比我地揸、切、扯…有個仲差唔多變咗做「免治豬心」…好變態 😛



1. Kelvin - January 25, 2007

luv bao playing wif the pig’s heart, our group got two…XP
at first we r so normal ga…but become more n more bin tai = =…
at last the heart is divided into 4… wif lots of holes on it…caz mr sin asked us to see where does those artery go..so we just “tong” them.
now the heart have a reli gd blood circulation =)

2. Carolyn - January 25, 2007


happiness is the key to life. indeed.

3. bonnie_glass - January 25, 2007

你今日果個talk真係好唔錯 =]
我真係唔知道有個地方可以令我地ge ip address每秒轉一次羅…..

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