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A “filler” entry January 19, 2007

Posted by origino in Miscellaneous.

I just found out something really cool and I wish I had the time to share it with you all… unfortunately, I’m now rather busy preparing for my Chinese oral presentation which is due on Thursday… so that’ll have to wait.

Meanwhile, why don’t you all read a book or do something productive? 🙂

Here’re two books that I’m currently reading.  Both brilliant.

(I tried writing summaries for both books and failed… just look for them in bookstores and give them a read)




1. Bonnie_glass - January 23, 2007

The movie “About a boy” is BRILLIANT,FANTASTIC,AMAZING

The Blink is a book talking about your intuition –
how we actually make a better judgement in a blink.
It is quite an interesting book,
I will also recommed you to read it =)

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