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一年之試始於春 January 2, 2007

Posted by origino in Funny, My thoughts, School.

Edit: it’s already been 3 days… so far so good…

好嘅開始係合格嘅一半 🙂

  • R.S.     average

          (maybe I should’ve sprinkled some lamb blood on my seat)

  • Bio.      pretty good

          (air rushes out of my lungs from my mouth cavity: sigh of relief)

  • Geog.     undefined 🙂

          (Hmm… that question about Xinjiang was so hard! 😀 )

  • Eng. (Listening)     prediction: above average (hope so)

          (I got lots of stuff in the map wrong, but the rest of it was easy)

  • Maths     average (it’s a miracle!!!) prediction: hopeless… sigh…

          (Wow!  Paper 1 is much easier than what I expected! 有望六/七字頭啦)

  • Chin. (R.C.)     average

          (much easier than what I expected… but I didn’t have enough time!)

  • Chin. (Writing)     (above) average

          (我在全校面前搞爛gag, 沒有老師笑了。😀 )

  • Chin. (Intergrated skills)

          (it was OK… at least I remembered to answer both questions 😀 )

  • Econ.     average

          (so hea~ still got 45 minutes left when I did the whole paper once)

  • Hist.     average (hope so)     prediction: uhhhhh… errrrr…

          (I had no idea we had to study chapter 3… but it was OK on the whole)

  • Eng. (Reading)     prediction: good, very good (a must!!!)
  • Eng. (Writing)     prediction: good (a must!!!)
  • Chin. Hist.     prediction: 不太妙
  • Eng. Lit.
  • 11/10 to 15/1     preidction: pure joy


1. Jacky - January 2, 2007

your blog is really gorgeous

ngor RS fail ga la
Bio dou chaochaodei

2. wilson - January 3, 2007

i like the undefined one lol =.= many pplz have been faked by you i guess =]
work hard for the upcoming exams la!

3. HAN - January 5, 2007


4. clara - January 6, 2007


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