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Old, but still young January 27, 2007

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我: 要枝黑色同紅色嘅marker吖唔該!

庶務部: 好呀, 麻煩登一登記先吖!


庶務部: 你Form 1 呀?

我: 下? 我Form 4 啦!

庶務部: 下!? 乜你禁…


庶務部(連亡補救): … sorry 呀下。

我(扮無嘢): 唔緊要。

庶務部: 咁你喺個表上面寫black and blue markers 啦。

我: 乜唔係black and red咩?

庶務部: 係喎, 果然係Form 4呀下!

我(強忍怒氣): 哈哈哈~


咁都得!?我以前就話細粒D啫,而家高咗好多啦喎… 重似Form 1!?

(記得Form 1有一次返學校比人當咗做黎面試個D六年級)

唉…算啦,可能我baby face啦…


About a Boy 嘅戲唔錯喎~可惜書入面好多嘢都cut咗,個ending亦都唔同…不過仍然好好呀!多謝Peony同Bonnie推介 🙂


企、講、揸、切、扯。 January 25, 2007

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哈~ 今日個中文時事短講真係唔錯,大家反應好好,討論亦相當成功…多謝多謝! 🙂


(In case 你唔知,幅相係suppose同互聯網有關既)

總而言之,今日真係幾開心…而講到「開心」,就不得不提Bio 😀

個豬心真係好正,比我地揸、切、扯…有個仲差唔多變咗做「免治豬心」…好變態 😛

本地漁農美食迎春嘉年華 January 22, 2007

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21號去咗個「本地漁農美食迎春嘉年華」… 都OK ge, 不過好多人,同埋嗰度乜都係有機有機有機有機有機有機有機有機有機有機…


有機還有機, 睇乜鬼大戲? 😀

得啦… 知你係有機啦~




A “filler” entry January 19, 2007

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I just found out something really cool and I wish I had the time to share it with you all… unfortunately, I’m now rather busy preparing for my Chinese oral presentation which is due on Thursday… so that’ll have to wait.

Meanwhile, why don’t you all read a book or do something productive? 🙂

Here’re two books that I’m currently reading.  Both brilliant.

(I tried writing summaries for both books and failed… just look for them in bookstores and give them a read)


Lo and behold! January 16, 2007

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My current overall-average-super-important exam mark is 67… dragged down significantly by Chinese and Eng. Lit., oh well… 😦

I know that I screwed up Eng. Lit., but Chinese!?  Must… work… harder…!!!

Oh and I’m not that happy with my English marks either… sure, they were still above average… but I can do way, waaay better!

But the rest was pretty good… maths, in particular, came as a pleasant surprise 😀

Gonna update tomorrow!


My exam mark for history is surprisingly high! 😀

As for the rest… nothing exciting or unexpected…

Check in tomorrow for another exam mark update!

It’s over…and starting over again January 12, 2007

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Bye bye Christmas

Bye bye 2006

Bye bye earthquake

Bye bye internet connection problems

Bye bye Saddam

Bye bye exam

Hello exam papers~


So, now that the exam’s over, how about watching something really funny?

It’s a video clip of a Panda sneezing!  Oh and before you watch it, be sure to pay close attention to the baby panda, coz he/she’s the one that sneezed!  The mother was just scared!

It’ll be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! (and also the scariest 😀 )

「炒咗」 January 10, 2007

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我一向都唔係考完試之後係唔係都話「炒咗」果D人, 但今日考完Eng. Lit. 之後, 我真係要講聲:


真係考得好差… poetry乜都要”over-analyze”, 雙城記明明有好多個theme, 佢要我地寫個寫足版紙… 真係唔明John點吹到版…


Set 1, 未必同Eng. Lit.有緣

而家真係好難過好難過呀… 以前我最憎同最驚果科都係數, 但係而家我對Eng. Lit. 嘅恐懼好似重勁…

唉… 算啦, 考試過咗唸黎都無用…




哈哈哈! 總算有番D開心野… iPhone出左啦~Nokia, Sony Ericsson全部死得lu… 上official site睇啦,You Tube都應該遲D有片睇ga啦!

一年之試始於春 January 2, 2007

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Edit: it’s already been 3 days… so far so good…

好嘅開始係合格嘅一半 🙂

  • R.S.     average

          (maybe I should’ve sprinkled some lamb blood on my seat)

  • Bio.      pretty good

          (air rushes out of my lungs from my mouth cavity: sigh of relief)

  • Geog.     undefined 🙂

          (Hmm… that question about Xinjiang was so hard! 😀 )

  • Eng. (Listening)     prediction: above average (hope so)

          (I got lots of stuff in the map wrong, but the rest of it was easy)

  • Maths     average (it’s a miracle!!!) prediction: hopeless… sigh…

          (Wow!  Paper 1 is much easier than what I expected! 有望六/七字頭啦)

  • Chin. (R.C.)     average

          (much easier than what I expected… but I didn’t have enough time!)

  • Chin. (Writing)     (above) average

          (我在全校面前搞爛gag, 沒有老師笑了。😀 )

  • Chin. (Intergrated skills)

          (it was OK… at least I remembered to answer both questions 😀 )

  • Econ.     average

          (so hea~ still got 45 minutes left when I did the whole paper once)

  • Hist.     average (hope so)     prediction: uhhhhh… errrrr…

          (I had no idea we had to study chapter 3… but it was OK on the whole)

  • Eng. (Reading)     prediction: good, very good (a must!!!)
  • Eng. (Writing)     prediction: good (a must!!!)
  • Chin. Hist.     prediction: 不太妙
  • Eng. Lit.
  • 11/10 to 15/1     preidction: pure joy