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離群又唔係, 自閉又唔係 December 19, 2006

Posted by origino in Life, My thoughts.

今日又放早… 放咗學之後原本話跟D人去溜冰定唔知做乜, 但係我最後同人地食完飯之後就返咗黎…

點解?  係咪我本身有D奇怪偏激嘅思想 (例子: 唱K是罪惡), 再加埋自己又住得遠呢?  點解我會做咗「中途走人, 一半離群」, 自閉又唔自閉得晒嗰種人架?




1. Bryan - December 19, 2006

ai. . . . I went to school today ar = =, but not enough time to find you . . .
may be we could meet afterwards ^^

2. clara - December 20, 2006

後末多左同人出街 呢種諗法就無左 =)
無所謂的 自己鍾意就得啦

3. Kelvin - December 20, 2006

唱K is not 罪惡 ga!!!
anyway add oil in exam la~

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