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A Very Random Entry (edited!) December 12, 2006

Posted by origino in Funny, School.

今日又跳舞, D舞步愈黎愈復雜… 開始亂… 但係John都跳得好好, sorry呀Peony同Bonnie… 我要加油!

估唔到Dress Christmas Day竟然搞得成… 唔知著乜好… 又紅又綠太搶眼 (反正都好似無), 成身白色又好似送殯咁, 都係戴頂聖誕帽算啦 (都唔知有冇)…




慘啦!  我媽咪話D聖誕帽係要問人借架, 但係個人已經走左, 無得借啦!  如果你冇帽又問左我借既話… 真係對唔住, 要自己買了… 😦

I can bring 4 hats to school tomorrow… but still, please bring your own hats if you can get one!

麻煩大家通知其他人吖唔該! (MSN, phone, SMS… 乜都好啦)


P.S. I would have only called the ones that don’t have the Christmas hats… but I forgot the names… sorry for the inconvenience!  Please tell the other 4Aers about this!


好驚Eng. Lit. 會炒呀… 考試一題要寫成四版紙, 攞命…

我嫲嫲隻眼做完手術, 成日帶住黑超, 十足十 Matrix 入面個 Trinity 😀

WordPress 終於可以 add background music 啦… 雖然唔可以upload自己D file, 但係都有幾多好歌揀 (合法架!)… 大家想唔想個 music player auto start 呀?

P.S. 又一篇全中文既post, 請繼續支持!



1. Kelvin - December 12, 2006

omg…start worring the coming pe lesson =w=…
duno wt to wear too….
eng. lit hei ng hei “blow water” ga?
anyway add oil in exam la!!

2. clara - December 13, 2006

Aii…second dancing lesson…舞步亂??! 死啦 我上次都唔係好掂
yay chinese post

3. Bryan - December 14, 2006

O . . . . 4 pages, that sucks hard = =
Gum you need to add oil lar ^^
Hope you will do well in exam and you grandmother recover soon la !
(P.S:haha, i am coming back tommorrow la , see you very soon ^^)

4. Bryan - December 14, 2006

haha, sorry, forget to tell you that i think it would be a good idea to put sound tracks from kingdom heart into your url.

5. Bonnie_glass - December 14, 2006

eng lit 真係難….我都驚我答唔中d point牙

仲有dancing 你唔洗緊張,通常跳跳下就順家啦

我會努力配合你的 =]

咁我就唔洗用我d 錯到七彩的英文黎回你entry啦 =P

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