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May I? December 5, 2006

Posted by origino in Funny, My thoughts, School.

We had our first dancing lesson today.  It was fun! 😀

We did one of the old steps that we learnt before (slooow, slooow… QUICK!  QUICK) and learnt two new “moves”… they were both kind of repetitive and… well, not that “exciting”… but still, we all enjoyed ourselves and hey, that’s what dancing is all about, isn’t it? 🙂

Oh and we had to swtich partners after practicing a few times with our own ones… one time, I “跳跳下” and  found out that my partner and I were the only two people dancing in the whole gym!  That was sooo embarrassing!

Speaking of embarrassing, I’m sure all of us still find looking at our partners when dancing awkward, right?  But what should we do?  We can’t stare at the ground, we can’t look up at the ceiling… and I don’t think it’s a “gender problem”.  Staring intently at someone’s face while dancing just isn’t something we can do naturally, regardless of our gender.

So I think starting from the next lesson, instead of staring at my partner’s face, I’m going to look at her ear… it may be really odd, but at least when other people are watching, they may think I’m really relaxed and am really into this whole dancing thing… little do they know, I’m just really interested in my partner’s ear… 😀

P.S. I’m just joking, staring at somebody’s ear!?  What are you?  變態!? 😀



1. Clara - December 5, 2006

Waa…we’ve to dance with our partners on the first lesson??!
My first lesson is on friday.
I can’t look at my partner’s face ga = =” I’ll laugh like insane….Btw who’s your partner??

2. Zeezat - December 6, 2006

Hey! Are you really try to dance!

It was very funny, when imagine with your avatar that you dancing with a girl or boy??? Really silly!! Do you?

Best Smile,

3. Kelvin - December 6, 2006

lei dei gao dou gor yuo d gang tim…XP

4. HAN - December 6, 2006

ka, very funny, and also very nervous

5. Bonnie_glass - December 6, 2006

Ma sir anad Miss lo are so “HOT”~laugh die me XPP

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