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What’s the matter with me!? November 25, 2006

Posted by origino in My thoughts.

Nope.  No shOw this week.  I really really wanted to record one… I tried making a new version of the theme song but it just didn’t sound right.  Things don’t seem to go my way lately. 😦

What’s the matter with me!?  I can’t get an episode of the shOw out, I can’t make a decent animation (see previous entry), I can’t do anything good!  This’s happened to me before: I got really excited about doing something, but when I actually tried doing it, things just didn’t work out and I’d waste all my time.  Looks like I’ve forgotten all the stuff learnt during Outward Bound…

Why can’t I accomplish anything?




1. HAN - November 25, 2006

u can do it!

2. peony - November 27, 2006

wei wei mak long dont be so stressed out! you are always positive and funny ga!! =)

3. Bryan - November 28, 2006

Dun push urself too hard la, I know you can do it. Also think it in a possitive way la ^^
Actually the theme song is okay wor, why makin a new one? = =

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