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The shOw episode 9 November 10, 2006

Posted by origino in The shOw.

Got the file up on the server now!  Music player added back in.

Grrrgh… I’m having trouble uploading the newest episode of the shOw onto the server… again!

Fortunately, Xanga’s server isn’t down this time, and I managed to upload the file over there.

This week I talk about what I think of the Outward Bound arrangements.

(Leave a comment as a birthday present to me! 😀 )


Here’s the file:




1. Kelvin - November 10, 2006

happi bday~

2. peony - November 11, 2006

i think both groups are not very good ah~ coz the first group have to go right after friday… no心理準備ah! thanks for your comment(: oh and i’ll leave my “happy birthday” coz i’m in the same group with you!! =D

3. clara - November 11, 2006

Happy birthday haaa !
I think being the first group is not that good, the days you’re back at home would be very “hung hui”. At least I’ll be lol.

4. wallace ho - November 12, 2006

Happy birthday to you. I suggest that you should put your new mic ,which has spoiled your episode 9, into the rubbish bin.

5. HAN - November 12, 2006

我會炸你SMS BOX架啦@@

6. Bonnie_Glass - November 13, 2006

Happy birthday =)))

祝你個makcast越來越多人聽 ~~~

7. Brain - November 14, 2006

I agree with clara, stayng at home will be really ” “hung hui” “. Anyway, happy birthday ^^

8. (the)tvdreamer - November 14, 2006

i love u using the old mic. it sounds clearer.
You are in the eighth group? wt a pity! I am in the nineth~~
Hope you can enjoy your bday in Sai Kung (as JOHN THE BAPTISE)!!~~

9. Bryan - November 18, 2006

actually, I am worst than you . . . I am going to spend my birthday in the plane . . . .= =”

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