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2006 Sports Day (Day 2) November 8, 2006

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Mass run:

Mass run

Then of course there was the class relay!

Good job guys 🙂

Class relay (photo 1)

Class relay (photo 2)


Maybe it’s because of the team-skippping thing, or the class relay, or simply the fact that we’re becoming more mature (nah)… many people are starting to talk about things like class spirit and unity on their Xanga.

Here’s what Cliff says in his latest entry:



老實說..我自己來講, 我愛4A…但我還未可以說”4A IS THE BEST “這句話..SORRY…希望我很快就能把這句話掛在嘴邊

I’m proud to be a 4Aer and I think all the classmates are great.  But as Cliff says, it’s still hard for us to shout the words “4A is the best!” out loud.  The sense of belonging and unity just takes time to build up… and I’m sure that we can all be really good friends very soon.

4Aers, be the winners!

 4A Sports Days banner



1. Clara - November 8, 2006

Seems that my class is similar to yours la but one thing we don’t have is, a banner.
=] 2nd day is better than 1st day

2. Bonnie_glass - November 8, 2006

I feel exactly what you two feel….

I can see that most of us are commiting to this class,
so I believe the day that all of us can shout
“4A is the best” aloud wont be far. =)

*4Aers, be the winners! X)))))

3. Carolyn - November 8, 2006

Gotta love the spirit. 🙂

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