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Death Note stuff November 6, 2006

Posted by origino in Life, Site news.

New banner, new theme, woo-hoo!  Nothing to say about it.  Just look at it.  Look at how cool, how stylish, how perfect, how… Death Note-ish it is 😀

(The fonts and picture that I used in the banner can be found at the end of this entry)


Wilson’s Xanga is Death Note themed as well.  Go check it out!


Speaking of Death Note, I’ve, well, bought one today!  Some of you may know that I already have one.  But that one doesn’t have all the characters’ names written on it, and the “rules” are written in simplified Chinese… which don’t look very good.

The new one, on the other hand, is written in traditional Chinese and includes all the names that Light wrote on the Death Note!

Let’s compare:

The new one is on the left and the old one is on the right.

Death Notes

Oh and the new version has pictures in it, which is a bit weird.  I mean, c’mon!  This notebook is for killing people!  Not drawing!

My Death Note

This picture, however, is a pretty nice touch.

The death of Light



Fonts that I used: font 1, font 2

The picture of Ryuke is found here



1. Kelvin - November 6, 2006

i want to buy sth like tht too, it’s quite cool~
i’ve watched a video in utube
teaching u how to make ur own death note~

2. peony - November 6, 2006

ive got the one with pictures on~ hahaha so funny loved it at the first sight while shopping with bonnie~

3. Zeezat - November 7, 2006

Hi Origino,

This theme is somethin very interesting. Great style wow wonderful.

What about web two point oh (web 2.0) style? Are you also updated your namecard / business card.? But, web 2.0 is something very latest your new style is something very remarkable and ancient? I like your creativity..

Keep posting and growing …

Best Smile,

4. Resha - November 7, 2006

lolz… so that thing is actually a notebook? o-O
write down Chemistry and never again shall be have to study it LOL
but it looks really nice! the cover~ nod nod

5. som guy - December 11, 2006

FOOLS I am a death god and you shall all die!

6. None - December 28, 2006

Where do you buy these things?

7. Scarlet - February 3, 2008

where do you buy those notebooks i want one so bad they are awesome~how much money are they?

8. chad - April 23, 2008

how do i get one??

9. rongie - May 22, 2008

the movie was nice and it real opens u the mind of now a days unceasing rate crime…and it shows as two peoplein two diff.kind of justice..

10. kira - May 22, 2008

is it can be bought?

11. Relith - August 18, 2008

i want to no if i can buy an actual death note with no pictures in it and only lined paper inside any one who can tell me where to get one with only lined paper in it please tell me my e-mail is Relithlevadi@yahoo.com

12. gaara - September 28, 2008

how much does this kost

13. mario llano - November 19, 2008

hey, i want to know some things, please answer me, the 2 notebooks have the rules in english and chinese (weird)? and how many pages of rules and white pages they have? and one more thing, the two of them have the names of the victims and cause of death an all those things in japanese(original)? i mean, japanese has the same kanjis that chinese but with hiragana and katakana to write some things. please answer me to mi e-mail: ricardomariollano@hotmail.com. thank you

14. Durrah Adila Nadia - March 23, 2011


15. olivia - June 27, 2012

Do you know whose name is written on the last page, right over that picture of Light? It’s really bugging me!

16. restore antique furniture finish - August 7, 2013

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