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2006 Sports Day (Day 1) November 2, 2006

Posted by origino in Photos, School.

Boy oh boy!  I got my 800m race and team skipping on today’s sports day, nothing more.  Hours of extreme boredom… as if the swimming gala wasn’t enough.

The race?  Nothing much to talk about… I think I was in 12 th place, not bad 🙂

OK, team skipping… nothing to talk about.  Why?

Because I didn’t skip.

I won’t go into details here, coz I know you guys won’t like an entry full of anger and sadness… but I was really, really, really depressed that I didn’t get the chance to skip, not even for once.  I know that I shouldn’t be angry, I know that we should have “class spirit“, blah blah blah… but it just seems like all my skipping practices were wasted… 😦

Seeing all the people chatting excitedly after the event made me feel… like my existence wasn’t important at all.  The fury and sadness inside me at that moment was… unimaginable.  But I’ll calm down, just give me some time…


Sigh… ANYway… here’s a photo taken during the teachers’ 100m race:

(Why are they all blurred?  That’s because they’re too fast! 😉 )

Teachers’ 100m race



1. clara - November 2, 2006

I didn’t have the chance to skip too = =
Not even during practices.

2. HAN - November 2, 2006

I understamd.. really

3. HAN - November 2, 2006

o yes..
u shouldn’t say tht
we LOVE you of course
u are IMPORTANT in 4A..OK?

I can juz only recognize Mr lee in the photo
who is the man in red short and the man ni grey T-shirt?

4. origino - November 2, 2006

To Cliff: Thank you sooo much for your comment… I can’t tell you how much it means to me!
I’m much better now… all thanks to you! 🙂

P.S. I don’t know who those two people are either… I’m not that good at recognizing people…

5. johnnnnnnnn =] - November 2, 2006

everyone is important indeed, if you havent realized yet.
your practice will not be wasted,
we still have one more year to go
and all these time we have spent together is very…GOOD! (cant think of a word suddenly)
so, even tho you havent skipped today,
but you have already participated in it.
you stood and waited there, supporting us. i could see that

6. Bonnie_glass - November 2, 2006

yea…sounds cliche

but i belive as you WERE there, you were already in the game =P

After so many times of your coming to skipping practise,

you did not only enhance your skipping skill,

but also gave the rest of the 4Aers a impression that,

‘ Mak long has commited himself to 4A.He is definitely a 4Aer. ‘

That is how people start to really love you as a good friend.

That is how class spirit gradually built in class.

So your exsistence is so much more important than you have


Belive me,

if everyone commited themselves to the class like you,

we would have a big time in the following two years.

So don’t hold back your commitment to our class =]

We will be back and make/do(:P) a good show!!! XD

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