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To eat, or not to eat? November 28, 2006

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This is copied from Cliff’s Xanga:






魚類———-雪咖 / 孔雀石綠

蛋類———-H5N1 / 蘇丹紅





甘搞法….真係冇野好食, 餐餐白飯….


Yes, this is the exact thought that I had when I saw on TV that so many food contained harmful substances… and then there’s GM food!  Just… what are we gonna do!?  If this gets any worse, it leaves us with only two choices: death by starvation or death by poison.  Both are slow, painful ways to die… your choice.

But that’s just the extreme case… for now, the people that suffers the most are the ones that sell these “problematic food” (Chinglish!)… I just saw a shopkeeper said something on TV that… well, basically says it all:

“零銷量!  施奴 (zero)!”


What’s the matter with me!? November 25, 2006

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Nope.  No shOw this week.  I really really wanted to record one… I tried making a new version of the theme song but it just didn’t sound right.  Things don’t seem to go my way lately. 😦

What’s the matter with me!?  I can’t get an episode of the shOw out, I can’t make a decent animation (see previous entry), I can’t do anything good!  This’s happened to me before: I got really excited about doing something, but when I actually tried doing it, things just didn’t work out and I’d waste all my time.  Looks like I’ve forgotten all the stuff learnt during Outward Bound…

Why can’t I accomplish anything?


No shOw November 24, 2006

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Sorry guys… still haven’t recorded the shOw yet.

Here’s the deal: I was all set to do this week’s shOw, when I suddenly had an idea for a Flash animation.  So I opened up Flash and worked on the animation for a couple of hours straight… unfortunately, it didn’t go quite well… I’ve almost finished the whole thing but when I watched it myself I found it stupid and thought it looked really ugly… looks like I’ll have to work on it or even redo the whole thing!  Ugh, maybe I should’ve recorded an episode of the shOw instead of working on that stupid Flash in the first place… 😦

Note: I’m planning to record an episode of the shOw tomorrow (24/11) and put it on the site.  So be sure to tune in if you’re looking forward it it!

Back From Outward Bound November 20, 2006

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Yes, I’m back… and yes, I’m still alive 😀

After a delicious dinner (hot pot!) and 9 hours of good sleep, I’ve completely recovered and am feeling quite well.

I haven’t participated in any of the Outward Bound courses, and to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be as difficult and challenging as it was.  Sure, I knew that there was plenty of hiking and camping to do… but climbing on a mountain as high as Mt. Everest with a back pack that weighed a ton on my back!?  Also, our group got lost in a forest and spent 4 hours trying to get out… that was one horrible experience that I don’t want to go through again.

But this is what the Outward Bound is all about: pushing you to your very limit and make you realize that you’re much more capable than you think you are.  And I did have fun with my group mates during the past 4 days… good times, gooooooooood times…

Oh and about my birthday… as I’ve mentioned before, I was kind of depressed that I had to have my birthday during the course, but it turned out to be quite good actually.  We arrived at the campsite really late and our instructor (Anthony)said that we should wait till 12:00 a.m. to celebrate my birthday!  It was a quiet night and the sky was gorgeous… Anthony even put a candle on top of several slices of bread and offered them to me as a birthday cake!  Thank you Anthony!  Everyone held up their glasses of wine (bottles of grape juice) and wished me a happy birthday.  It was a very unique and special experience and it meant a lot to me… thanks guys! 😀

So, to sum up, even though the OB was a huge challenge for me, I’ve gained a lot and it had a lot of impact on me… and I’m just glad that I made through the whole thing alive 🙂


Items lost:

Eye-glasses retaining strap

A pair of glasses (lost when I jumped into the sea… I’m such an idiot 😦 )

The shOw episode 9 November 10, 2006

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Got the file up on the server now!  Music player added back in.

Grrrgh… I’m having trouble uploading the newest episode of the shOw onto the server… again!

Fortunately, Xanga’s server isn’t down this time, and I managed to upload the file over there.

This week I talk about what I think of the Outward Bound arrangements.

(Leave a comment as a birthday present to me! 😀 )


Here’s the file:


2006 Sports Day (Day 2) November 8, 2006

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Mass run:

Mass run

Then of course there was the class relay!

Good job guys 🙂

Class relay (photo 1)

Class relay (photo 2)


Maybe it’s because of the team-skippping thing, or the class relay, or simply the fact that we’re becoming more mature (nah)… many people are starting to talk about things like class spirit and unity on their Xanga.

Here’s what Cliff says in his latest entry:



老實說..我自己來講, 我愛4A…但我還未可以說”4A IS THE BEST “這句話..SORRY…希望我很快就能把這句話掛在嘴邊

I’m proud to be a 4Aer and I think all the classmates are great.  But as Cliff says, it’s still hard for us to shout the words “4A is the best!” out loud.  The sense of belonging and unity just takes time to build up… and I’m sure that we can all be really good friends very soon.

4Aers, be the winners!

 4A Sports Days banner

Death Note stuff November 6, 2006

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New banner, new theme, woo-hoo!  Nothing to say about it.  Just look at it.  Look at how cool, how stylish, how perfect, how… Death Note-ish it is 😀

(The fonts and picture that I used in the banner can be found at the end of this entry)


Wilson’s Xanga is Death Note themed as well.  Go check it out!


Speaking of Death Note, I’ve, well, bought one today!  Some of you may know that I already have one.  But that one doesn’t have all the characters’ names written on it, and the “rules” are written in simplified Chinese… which don’t look very good.

The new one, on the other hand, is written in traditional Chinese and includes all the names that Light wrote on the Death Note!

Let’s compare:

The new one is on the left and the old one is on the right.

Death Notes

Oh and the new version has pictures in it, which is a bit weird.  I mean, c’mon!  This notebook is for killing people!  Not drawing!

My Death Note

This picture, however, is a pretty nice touch.

The death of Light



Fonts that I used: font 1, font 2

The picture of Ryuke is found here

The shOw episode 8 November 3, 2006

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I have a sore throat… but that won’t stop me from doing a show! Got a new baby sound clip for you guys… enjoy!


2006 Sports Day (Day 1) November 2, 2006

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Boy oh boy!  I got my 800m race and team skipping on today’s sports day, nothing more.  Hours of extreme boredom… as if the swimming gala wasn’t enough.

The race?  Nothing much to talk about… I think I was in 12 th place, not bad 🙂

OK, team skipping… nothing to talk about.  Why?

Because I didn’t skip.

I won’t go into details here, coz I know you guys won’t like an entry full of anger and sadness… but I was really, really, really depressed that I didn’t get the chance to skip, not even for once.  I know that I shouldn’t be angry, I know that we should have “class spirit“, blah blah blah… but it just seems like all my skipping practices were wasted… 😦

Seeing all the people chatting excitedly after the event made me feel… like my existence wasn’t important at all.  The fury and sadness inside me at that moment was… unimaginable.  But I’ll calm down, just give me some time…


Sigh… ANYway… here’s a photo taken during the teachers’ 100m race:

(Why are they all blurred?  That’s because they’re too fast! 😉 )

Teachers’ 100m race