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What’s your view on this? October 31, 2006

Posted by origino in Cool Links, My thoughts.

Here is an article that I find very interesting, titled “The Possibility of a God“.

Even though I’m studying in a Christian school, I’m not a Christian, nor am I a follower of a particular religion.  I’m still not sure what my view on this article is… but I’m sure that some of you will have something to say about it.

Also, remember to take a look at the comments… 291  316 317 (and counting) comments to be specific!  There are so many people expressing their ideas (and rebutting the others’)… it’s like a huge online debate!


Edit: every minute or so, I’ll reload that page and see a new comment or two pops up… I think that’s the beauty of the internet: instant feedback.  The internet is a great way for us to express our views… and this article is a very good example.


So, whether you believe in God or not, just have a look at it.  Go ahead.



1. athena - October 31, 2006

I didn’t have the patience to look through the whole thing, gave up after reading a few responses.
I remembered us “learning” critical thinking in F.3, where we learnt similar things like premises, proposition, arguments etc. This is useful, logical deduction. But when it comes to religion, I think it’s utterly meaningless.
Religion is about faith, whether you believe or not. There are so many arguments out there, in favour or vice verse of God. No logical deductions could have proved either wrong. Moreover, words from God were delivered to us humans by prophets. After so many years, it’s very possible that throughout the years someone had misinterpretated the words and passed out the wrong message. Now we are proving God’s existence based on the Bible, which may be somehow wrong?
let’s end here……my mind starts to run wild…..wt was i talking about?

2. origino - November 1, 2006

Thanks Athena! You’ve made some really good points… this comment is so good that I think you should post it over on that site… cause a bit more stir, maybe. 😉
Thanks again!

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