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The shOw episode 7 October 28, 2006

Posted by origino in The shOw.

OK, this is just bloody ridiculous… as I’ve told you in my last entry, I wasn’t able to upload my files anywhere.  Now it’s the day after, and I’m still having trouble uploading!  So I have no choice but to upload the files onto Xanga’s server…

Here’s the link to that page:


The shOwnotes:

  • The shOw theme song is now avalable as a ringtone!

       share your files at box.net



1. Kelvin - October 28, 2006

ur dad ho cheng a XDXD

2. peony - October 28, 2006

isnt “your dad” you? i mean that sounds like you very much wor~ anyway mak long village just made me laugh in front of the computer like a autistic~ lol

3. origino - October 29, 2006

To Kelvin: yeah, my dad can be really cool sometimes…

To Peony: nope, that really IS my dad! Do we really sound that alike? 🙂

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