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Name cards for you all! October 19, 2006

Posted by origino in School.

During the last summer holiday period, my primary classmates and I had a little reunion.  I made some name cards and gave them to people, so that we could stay in touch.

Well, I brought the remaining ones to school today and gave the cards to some people, you know, just for fun.  But then Cliff grabbed all of them and distributed them to almost the whole class!

I guess that’s a way to promote this site… 🙂

Anyway, let me show you what the name card looks like!

My name card

Want to know how to make a “cartoonized” version of yourself?  I’ll be talking about that later, so stay tuned! 🙂



1. clara - October 19, 2006

I made name cards when I was in P.5. That’s hw for computer lessons. Our RS teacher hasn’t mentioned anything about RSpresentation yet.

2. Zeezat - October 31, 2006

Hi Jon,

This is something very cool! Nice Web 2.0 style business card. I am so impressed by the cartoons appear in this BC.

I am so intend to know all about making a “cartoonized” version of myself? Do you help me? Keep in touch…

Best Smile,

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