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Scary scary night… October 15, 2006

Posted by origino in Life, Photos.

So… we went to the Ocean Park yesterday and man, what a scary night! 😉

If you were with me yesterday, then you’ll probably know what I mean… we went to three haunted houses… sure, that was scary.  The queues were extremely long… sure, that was scary too.  But after we had dinner, we decided to go into that “Haunted School”, and there were literally hundreds and hundreds of humans (and ghosts 😉 ) waiting in that long, long queue!  It was getting pretty late and I wanted to go home, but the rest of the people planned to leave pretty late… and that was when the horror began.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to leave the park on time and get back home because I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch a train and I started to panic.  I told this to the others and they thought I wouldn’t be able to go home too.  So then I started to freak out, because I was horrible at directions.  For me, it was really difficult to leave the park and find a bus that would take me to Admiralty… alone, because I simply didn’t know the way.

But time was passing by so I had no choice but to leave.  So I started running like crazy and tried to find my way out.  After fifteen minutes or so, I managed to get onto the correct bus.  I later found myself in the Admiralty MTR station… and it was only 10:40 p.m.

I’m such an idiotic, stupid moron.

Basically, it takes only about an hour for me to go back home.  The mind really does funny things to you when you panic…

One more thing, I’d like to make an apology.  Back in the Ocean Park, I acted grumpy and all that because I really thought I couldn’t get home… so, sorry if my moronic mistake ruin the mood that night.

Sorry! 😦

And now, to lighten to mood a bit, here are some of the pictures taken yesterday:

Scary guy one

Scary guy two

Bonus: Alex bowing to a zombie! 😀

Zombie and Alex



1. pfff - October 16, 2006

Haha….they bowed to lots of “ghosts” wor …even in a “haunted house”. And they like to shake hands with them.
And I’m sry for continually persuading you to go home.
Arffff…..you didn’t play that 荒廢校園after queing for such a long time.

2. origino - October 16, 2006

There’s absolutely no need for you to apologize. If it hasn’t been for you, I might continue to stay there and really couldn’t get back!

I’m just glad that I got home. 🙂

3. jugnoo - October 18, 2006

Excellent! i am scared
Nice post man
keep posting 😀

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