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“Sloganizer… whatever you want.” October 10, 2006

Posted by origino in Cool Links.

I’ve just discovered a great site: http://www.sloganizer.net/en/

It’s a site that automatically generates cool slogans with a keyword of your choice.  I tried it several times and got some really good ones, maybe I’ll actually pick one and use it as a tagline of the site…

These are some of the ones that I like:

“Think different, think origino.”

“Just origino.”

“origino, the real thing.”

“My way is origino.”

I also tried entering my name and got something really funny.  Have a look:

“Be young, have fun, taste Jonathan.”

Have fun! 😀

* I found the site through this post.



1. Kelvin - October 10, 2006

i got something like “No Kelvin, No kiss” =w=”…
and “You don’t want Kelvin as your enemy!”
mo loi ==v….

2. Zeezat - October 11, 2006


Thanks a lot for visiting my site and make me in your blogroll too.

I have go through your site and your making a cool place here.

Keep visiting & posting 🙂

Best Smile,

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