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Busy Boy October 4, 2006

Posted by origino in School.

Class Captain

Language Captain

Book Lovers Club committee member (!?)


I’m going to that Form 4 mentors interview tomorrow… you know, the “Big Brother Big Sister Scheme”…

If that goes successfully, this is going to be an eventful year 🙂



1. athena - October 4, 2006

haha i wonder can you live up to the spirit of language captain

2. clara - October 4, 2006

Haha the one beside me got a a music badge, a badge with a piano (dunno wt’s that), libarian badge,language captain + school badge.
And he might be the junior prefect too while he is also the class captain and class representative,R.S.subject leader.
@ @ WTF?!

I didn’t update cuz i dunno what to talk about. Even i’ve got something to talk abt, I typed them out, then I delete it for some reasons.

3. Carolyn - October 5, 2006

omg. crazy ass.

4. origino - October 5, 2006

To Athena: hehe, I think not… 😉 but I WILL try my best! 😀

To Clara: yeah that’s happened to me too! I typed something in , got stuck, and then deleted the post because I couldn’t continue…

To Carolyn: I’m sure you ain’t talking about me… right? 😉

5. bluesaze - October 5, 2006

hey nice blog thanks for adding scribez to your blogroll. 😀 we put on our blogroll too 🙂

6. bluesaze - October 5, 2006

By the way, this doesn’t mean that you’ll stop writing for scribez right?

Nope I still be writing on scribez 😀 ….. hope to see you around

7. Bonnie_glass - October 6, 2006


P.S Clara旁邊的同學太瘋了…

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