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Experiencing is believing September 27, 2006

Posted by origino in My thoughts.

Let me start off with a statement: a beautiful, big, blue bike.

OK, then I want to ask several questions:

What is big?  Large in size?  Compared to what?

Blue?  What’s that?  Can you even define colour?

What do you mean by beautiful?  “Pleasing to the senses”?  What’s that?

All those questions above can be answered by looking up into a dictionary, but the answers don’t really mean anything to me.  And yet, when so many concepts that are difficult to define are put together to form a sentence, we know what the sentence means: a beautiful, big, blue bike.

How do we understand it?  How?

By experiencing.

When you were only a baby, surely your parents didn’t tell you what pain was, right?  And yet you know what is pain.  Because you’ve felt it, you’ve experienced it.

Same goes with understanding everything else around you: by experiencing them.

Then you’ll be able to appreciate, to understand.

Seeingis not believing.

Experiencing is.



1. magitisa - September 28, 2006

thanks for sharing those thoughts 🙂

ps. how did you add “My Recent Tracks”?

2. Autophytes - September 29, 2006

homegrown tobacco, twisted into a rope. (5) herb, marijuana (1) a rat (4)

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