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Great power, comes with great stress September 1, 2006

Posted by origino in School.



Sigh… first day at school and I got picked as the class captain… 😦  Right now, I feel exactly the same when I became the IT captain in Form 2… only now I wish I can be the IT captain instead.  But I wasn’t a very good IT captain anyway, so let’s hope I can make a decent class captain!

P.S. That quote from 女王的教室 has nothing to do with this, I just put it here as a joke 🙂  Oh and be sure to read the title of this post!  I think it’s pretty funny… and true!



1. clara - September 1, 2006

Lolz… you’re the class captain?!

2. Fion - September 3, 2006

wow, class captain… Last year I was the treasurer in my class, and it was absolutely a hard work…this year I don’t want to have any class post anymore…
ha..同我作對的人就要做班長! ^.^ kaka

3. Stephanie - September 9, 2006

I think you are so depressed when writing in Clara’s xanga~is it?
Sometimes I thought you are so boring in class right……I’ve heard that you are a bit lonely, right?
Plz forgive me if I’ve said sth wrong……..
Haha~ I am the Treasurer ar!!! You are the Class Captain meh!?
Congratulations to we two ar~>33 Steph

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