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Why? August 20, 2006

Posted by origino in Miscellaneous.

Thanks to the two who commented on my last entry… but there was something I want to ask you all about.  In those two comments, Kelvin and Clara both said that they liked Xanga better and I’m sure that there are others that think the same.  I’d really love to know why.  And more importantly, if I continue to use this current web site, will it keep you from commenting on my future entries?

(The next few lines are just some reasons that I can think of, you do not need to answer them!  Skip them if you like!  Just tell me why do you like (if you do)Xanga in your own words!)

When you said you liked Xanga, was it because:

  • simply of the fact that it’s your personal opinion that Xanga provides a better service than WordPress does?
  • it becomes more difficult for you to leave comments on this web site now that I don’t use Xanga?
  • you don’t like the design of this web page?
  • you think I’ll comment less on your web site now that I use a different service provider?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, as long as the quality of the content in this web site remains the same, will you stop commenting because I don’t use Xanga?  Please let me know your thoughts!  By the way, this entry is open to everyone!  No matter it’s Xanga or WordPress that you like, just tell me your what you think!

P.S. I’m sorry if this entry is a bit too formal and serious.  Look, to lighten the mood up a bit, I’ll even post a picture up just for you guys!




1. clara - August 22, 2006

Hard to tell .
I’ll answer when I can think of any answers

2. Carolyn - August 22, 2006

I’ve noticed that if you use anything else other than xanga while everyone else uses xanga, no one really bothers to comment. =_=
So I really can’t be bothered anymore. I was thinking of making my own website, like paying for everything and all, but I figured that no one would really bother commenting and crap.
So in the end, you’d have to stick to the old thing again.
Just a thought.

3. wilson - August 24, 2006

i would like to say that i luv checking ur xanga than checking ur wordpress. I am sorry , but it seems that checking ur xanga is a more convinient way to c if u have anything new to say. pplz are more familiar with ur xanga than ur wordpress, so that’s why the pplz feel bothered and choose not to check ur xanga/wordpress so often and leads to the lacking of comments.
It’s just my personal feeling and i donno if it is right. Ignore me if u have any other idea in ur mind.

4. wilson - August 24, 2006

anyway, i think u can just copy the entries in wordpress and paste it on ur xanga, and let the pplz choose where to leave comments.

5. wilson - August 24, 2006

anyway, i think u can just copy the entries in wordpress and paste it on ur xanga, and let the pplz choose where to leave their comments.

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