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A Day at Ocean Park August 18, 2006

Posted by origino in Life, Photos.

Two days ago, I mentioned in my post that my family and I couldn’t go to Ocean Park like we planned because there were simply so many people that it was impossible to get onto the Ocean Park express bus.  But we’ve learnt our lesson and finally managed to get there yesterday.

It’s summertime and there was the whole “Caribbean” thing going on… so we first watched the “Caribbean Summer Splash Spectacular” (why don’t they call it the “extravaganza” 😉 ?).

Here are some photos:

And here’s a video of a part of the performance!


After the show we took the cable car and the view was stunning!

Take a look:


By the way, when we were waiting in line, we saw this notice… 

The first thing we did after we got off was to go to the “Sea Jelly aquarium”.  The aquarium was smaller than what I expected and there weren’t many types of Jellyfish, but the Jellyfish still looked beautiful in all those lighting, laser and stuff.

It was pretty dark in there but I managed to take some photos:




1. Kelvin - August 18, 2006

nice pix wor…
i think xanga is better…..

2. Clara Cheung - August 19, 2006

Last time I went ti Ocean Park there was a lot lot lot of 大陸 ppl queing to see those jellyfish. so I gave up queing.
Yea I think xanga’s better ~

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