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Blogging live in Taipei (3) August 10, 2006

Posted by origino in Trip Logs.

Today we went to Taipei 101. The Page One book store there was amazing!  It was three times bigger than the ones in Hong Kong.  But nothing beats the another Cheng Pin book store (誠品) that we went to today.  It was GIGANTIC!  And it sold loads of other stuff too, like CDs, stationary and even iPods!  Later, we went to the Shi Lin market.  We saw lots of local food there but ate none.  I don’t want to have a stomachache before I went back to Hong Kong.

Well, that’s all we’ve done today.  Tomorrow we’ll be on our way back, and I’ll post an entry talking more about this trip, with lots of photos, of course.

Until I get back, see ya!



1. Fion Luk - August 11, 2006

Wow…wait for yr photos then…. I really want to visit Taipei also..since that u said there is a BIG page one book store…really want to go to that book store ar!~

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