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Focused and Clear August 30, 2006

Posted by origino in Life.

I’ve got a new pair of glasses a few days ago.  It has black frames which at first I thought looked pretty cool.  But now that I put my glasses on, I think I look like an idiot!  So you be the judge:


 My old pair of glasses


My new pair of glasses


Problem Solved… hopefully August 28, 2006

Posted by origino in Site news.

OK, I’ve been using this new web site for 3 weeks now and I hope all of you are starting to get use to leaving comments over here instead of on my Xanga.  Even though the feedback I received was not bad, I mean I get an average of 2-3 comments per post and I’m pretty happy about that… I think I’ve lost some potential audience over this 3 weeks.  But I’ve finally came up with the solution… hopefully.

If you’ve been to my newly updated Xanga, you’ll know.  I’ve decided to put a mini browser in all my future Xanga entries.  So you can go to my Xanga and comment on this site at the same time!  How cool is that!?  So if you haven’t tried it out, you can simply go to my Xanga http://xanga.com/origino and test it yourself.  But remember, all the cool content will still be on this site, the mini browser is simply there to help you get access to here.  So stay tuned for more updates, here.

I’m in 4A! August 24, 2006

Posted by origino in Miscellaneous.

Thanks to ALL the ones that’ve commented on my last post.  Too bad I can’t respond to them yet… because something VERY IMPORTANT just came out!  The F. 4 allocation table!  And I’m in 4A!  You know, when I saw the first allocation table, where it just said the subject combination… I was really sad… because I thought there would only be one 3F classmate to be in the same class with.  But NOW, I’m much relieved!  I don’t have much time now, so just check IT school and see it for yourself.  See you!

Why? August 20, 2006

Posted by origino in Miscellaneous.

Thanks to the two who commented on my last entry… but there was something I want to ask you all about.  In those two comments, Kelvin and Clara both said that they liked Xanga better and I’m sure that there are others that think the same.  I’d really love to know why.  And more importantly, if I continue to use this current web site, will it keep you from commenting on my future entries?

(The next few lines are just some reasons that I can think of, you do not need to answer them!  Skip them if you like!  Just tell me why do you like (if you do)Xanga in your own words!)

When you said you liked Xanga, was it because:

  • simply of the fact that it’s your personal opinion that Xanga provides a better service than WordPress does?
  • it becomes more difficult for you to leave comments on this web site now that I don’t use Xanga?
  • you don’t like the design of this web page?
  • you think I’ll comment less on your web site now that I use a different service provider?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, as long as the quality of the content in this web site remains the same, will you stop commenting because I don’t use Xanga?  Please let me know your thoughts!  By the way, this entry is open to everyone!  No matter it’s Xanga or WordPress that you like, just tell me your what you think!

P.S. I’m sorry if this entry is a bit too formal and serious.  Look, to lighten the mood up a bit, I’ll even post a picture up just for you guys!


A Day at Ocean Park August 18, 2006

Posted by origino in Life, Photos.

Two days ago, I mentioned in my post that my family and I couldn’t go to Ocean Park like we planned because there were simply so many people that it was impossible to get onto the Ocean Park express bus.  But we’ve learnt our lesson and finally managed to get there yesterday.

It’s summertime and there was the whole “Caribbean” thing going on… so we first watched the “Caribbean Summer Splash Spectacular” (why don’t they call it the “extravaganza” 😉 ?).

Here are some photos:

And here’s a video of a part of the performance!


After the show we took the cable car and the view was stunning!

Take a look:


By the way, when we were waiting in line, we saw this notice… 

The first thing we did after we got off was to go to the “Sea Jelly aquarium”.  The aquarium was smaller than what I expected and there weren’t many types of Jellyfish, but the Jellyfish still looked beautiful in all those lighting, laser and stuff.

It was pretty dark in there but I managed to take some photos:


Sushi-tastic! August 16, 2006

Posted by origino in Life.
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Today’s “Japanese for Teenagers”lesson is what I’ve been looking forward to— to learn how to make sushi!  Woo-hoo!

Not only was it fun, it was also disgusting making sushi, which made the process even more fun!  The rice was wet and sticky and… URGH!
We were taught by a teacher that spoke only Japanese and we didn’t really know what she was talking about… but I think my sushi looked just fine… right?

Don't they look just sushi-tastic?

Talk about "unproductivity"! August 15, 2006

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Originally, my family and I planned to go to the Hong Kong Wetland Park today, but after we found out that the park closes on Tuesday, we decided to go to the Ocean Park!  How cool is that!?

But you wouldn’t believe how it turned out!  We went to the Ocean Park express bus stop, and so many people were there that we couldn’t even see the end of the line!  We gave up and instead just walked around in shopping malls… but we decided that we will wake up early and go to the Ocean Park on Thursday.  YAY!The endless line of people

Home sweet home August 12, 2006

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Hi I’m back, safe and sound!  I’d love to show you those pictures that I took during the trip, but I’m too lazy to upload them… maybe later!

As you might’ve noticed, I’ve changed the theme of the website and have designed a brand new banner!  I’ve been thinking of ideas during the trip and I drew all of them down on my notebook.  Here’re some of the sketches:

 (Click to enlarge)

Banner sketches

Well, hope you like the way it came out!

Gotta blast!

Blogging live in Taipei (3) August 10, 2006

Posted by origino in Trip Logs.
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Today we went to Taipei 101. The Page One book store there was amazing!  It was three times bigger than the ones in Hong Kong.  But nothing beats the another Cheng Pin book store (誠品) that we went to today.  It was GIGANTIC!  And it sold loads of other stuff too, like CDs, stationary and even iPods!  Later, we went to the Shi Lin market.  We saw lots of local food there but ate none.  I don’t want to have a stomachache before I went back to Hong Kong.

Well, that’s all we’ve done today.  Tomorrow we’ll be on our way back, and I’ll post an entry talking more about this trip, with lots of photos, of course.

Until I get back, see ya!

Blogging live in Taipei (2) August 9, 2006

Posted by origino in Trip Logs.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT’S LEFT A COMMENT.  I thought moving to a new website will be confusing you guys and stop all the comments from coming… but I was wrong!  Thank you SO MUCH for all your support!


OK, back to my trip.  I don’t know if you guys know, but the weather in Taipei is surprisingly good!  My family and I went to Jiu Fen and had loads of fun!  I took lots of nice pictures and I’ll be sure to post them all up later.  We strolled around and had some snacks and tea, it was very enjoyable!

After dinner, we went to the Cheng Pin Book store( 誠品)which is open for the whole day.  I bought a book about web design and I’ll certainly apply some of the ideas in the book onto this website!

Well, I’m very tired now, so I guess I’ll go back up into my hotel room and rest.  See you here tomorrow!

P.S. To Clara: the words are too small?  That’s weird, they look fine to me on the computer of the hotel… I guess I can’t fix it, sorry!